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Exchange rate: 1 USD = 89 BDT
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We offer our clients the best rates, allowing them to make the necessary transactions as profitably as possible.

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Since the day we were founded, we have been doing our work with high quality and without cheating, thousands of users have become our regular customers and recommend us.

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We opened in 2016, since then we have been working hard every day to provide the best service on the market.

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The modern and convenient AutoChange.net service allows you to automatically exchange cryptocurrency. Thanks to full automation, all operations are carried out almost instantly.

The AutoChange.net online service has its own team of IT specialists, and behind the exchange process cryptocurrencies are monitored around the clock by experienced operators.

One of the key tasks of our exchanger is the protection of personal data users. So, the personal information that customers indicate to the stage of applying for an exchange is encrypted using an SSL certificate. In addition, any operations on the site can be performed without prior registration.

Since the launch of AutoChange.net functionality Cryptocurrency exchange services have been significantly expanded. For today day, the following features are available to site users:

  • round-the-clock automatic exchange in various directions of exchange;
  • personal account, for registration in which it is enough to indicate your e-mail and come up with a password (in the user's personal account, the entire history of exchanges, as well as the history of payments and credits for referral program).

Latest Exchange

SL No. Send Receive Amount Exchange ID Status
1 ... RUB (МИР) ... USD (Balance) 85000 р. JSH5G*******ZC Pending
2 ... Tron ... USD (Balance) 90000 TRX 1OQPT*******R7 Pending
3 ... USDT trc20 ... USDT trc20 10 USDT CO2AK*******7M Processed
4 ... Monero ... USDT trc20 41.6426756 XMR 7PJV9*******ZW Processed
5 ... Ripple ... Ethereum 7000 XRP BXOQW*******2C Processed
6 ... Ethereum ... USD (Balance) 3 ЕТH 5BFDG*******GQ Processed
7 ... USDC ... USDT trc20 98 USDC OMYP3*******6O Timeout
8 ... Ethereum ... USD (Balance) 2.5 ЕТH OPWSR*******BO Processed
9 ... Ethereum ... USD (Balance) 0.5 ЕТH WXOX3*******Y5 Processed
10 ... Ethereum ... USD (Balance) 0 ЕТH DH67D*******BX Processed


We have collected the most frequently asked questions for you.


Transfers in the Bitcoin system can be in the “Unconfirmed transaction” state for a long time. The speed of confirmations depends on the following factors:

  1. Crypto network load - the more unconfirmed transactions in the bitcoin network, the longer the transaction will be confirmed: www.blockchain.info/ru/charts/mempool-count
  2. Small commission - in the "crypto network" transactions with a large amount of remuneration to miners are the first to be validated. In some cases, if you save a lot, the confirmation procedure may take several days.
  3. Cryptocurrency fluctuations also increase the verification time.

On average, the transaction confirmation time is 15 minutes - 2 hours, but it often takes longer, it is quite difficult to predict the confirmation time more precisely.

Yes. We have a very clear and transparent affiliate program, you can read its terms and conditions at https://autochange.net/user/referral/

  1. On the main page of the site, you need to select the currency "GIVE" and the currency "GET", enter the amount into the calculator and the system will calculate the amount you will receive. Then you need to click the "EXCHANGE" button.
  2. On the next page, you need to read the information at the top of the page, fill in the details and click the "EXCHANGE" button, then check that the details are filled in correctly, read and agree with the rules of the service, click the "CREATE APPLICATION" button.
  3. After creating an application, read the conditions on the application page, click the “GO TO PAYMENT” button, as a result of which you will receive all the details for paying for the application.

On our site, all exchange directions are automatic and there is no need to write “I PAID” in the chat. After automatic payment verification, your application will be processed by the system.


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